A first post



Welcome to details. I imagine I am not the first writer to struggle with a first installment of A New Thing, but here I am, opening with meta-commentary.

I write a lot, to myself. I sometimes write publicly, and I've even done that as a large chunk of a job, mostly anonymously. I'm grateful that a handful of people have told me they enjoy what I write, seemingly without incentive to do so. Half a dozen folks have also told me — unprompted, I swear! — I'm good at "explaining things", whatever that means, which is enough people that I noticed. People telling you what you are good at is a rare and precious thing. So, I've decided to nurture my ego just a little bit, and write more, and outside the confines of my notebook. Let's try it.

There is a sort of cosmic expectation demon peering over my shoulder right now, whispering to me to make some grand declaration. To proudly offer that you can, "subscribe to my newsletter about this Thing." But the truth is, if it does turn out to be a newsletter about a Thing, I don't know what that Thing is yet. The first posts (editions? issues? chapters? seasons?) of details are likely going to be wide-ranging and varied, and probably in a year or two, I will think they are bad. C'est la vie.

But, y'know, I am a person with interests, so I'm likely to write about those. This newsletter is likely to be about having been a "data science" type person for most of a decade, and realising that I kind of don't want to be that anymore, or at least not in the way that it shakes out for most people. It's likely to be about educating myself in software design and development. I'll almost certainly wax lyrical about the importance of treating people humanely, and gripe about things that fail to do so.

That's all the intention you get, demon. And I absolutely reserve the right to turn it into an intimate diaristic expression of my heretofore hidden desire to become a reclusive sculptor. Or I might finally "get" non-dual meditation, and you'll have to read me being insufferable about it at least once, before you unsubscribe. I expect the next few posts will involve a good deal of throat-clearing, and “telling my story”. If that isn't for you, please come back in 6 months, when I'll be a competent and confident Content Creator with a Niche, and One Thousand True Fans.



Thanks for reading. If you'd like words like these in your inbox, sign up below. Or just check this site occasionally. Or run, now, and never speak of this place. You do you.